With nearly 10,000 examples built, the F-86 Sabre is one of the most numerous jet-powered fighters ever built. The Sabre made its major combat debut in 1949 during the Korean War, where it was America's primary jet air superiority fighter. A series of modifications brought the F-86 to a competitive level of performance with its primary opponent, the MiG-15. The F-86 was also used as a ground-attack fighter in the Korean conflict, and it continued to see combat service with other nations long after the United States had retired the type from service.


Depicted here is an F-86F Sabre, the last major air-superiority production variant. Extensive care has been taken to ensure that this high-quality model is as accurate and realistic as possible, something that any collector or aviation enthusiast can appreciate.

  • U.S. air superiority fighter
  • Jet Engine aircraft, single engine
  • Handcrafted, hand-painted mahogany construction
  • Scale: 1/48th
  • Operators: U.S. Air Force, dozens of nations worldwide
  • Time in operation: 1949-1994 (Bolivia)
  • Post-World War II era
  • Manufacturers: North American
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Wingspan: 9.25 inches



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Brand:Daron Worldwide



Manufacturer Part Number:CF086FT

Age Range:12 Years & Up

Age Group:Adult

Assembled Product Weight:2.2 Pounds

Daron Worldwide F-86F Sabre - 1/48 Scale Model Airplane

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Daron Worldwide F-86F Sabre - 1/48 Scale Model Airplane

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